Air Traffic Timelapse Shows How Badly Airlines Have Been Hit By Covid-19

Date: 2020-04-20 14:43:50


This animated graphic released by Eurocontrol, which manages flight networks across Europe, shows the dramatic impact the coronavirus has had on air travel across the globe. It said Europe’s largest airports are now managing up to 90 per cent fewer flights compared to April 2019.

Skies are eerily empty these days, presenting a new challenge for the world’s embattled airlines as they work to safeguard thousands of grounded planes parked wingtip to wingtip on runways and in storage facilities.

More than 16,000 passenger jets are grounded worldwide, according to industry researcher Cirium, as the coronavirus obliterates travel and puts unprecedented strain on airline finances.

U.S. airlines face a bleak future of depressed traffic and volatile revenue well into 2021, as the global economy transitions from the acute damage of a public health catastrophe into a potentially long recession.

Already a bumpy ride for the “Big Three” carriers, the journey promises to get worse this fall when billions of dollars in government assistance comes to an end. Several carriers, including Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc., have begun openly contemplating how they will shrink operations, while American Airlines Group Inc. is moving to shed more of its older planes.

By one analyst’s count, as many as 105,000 jobs could be lost industrywide.

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