Amazon is selling the Pixel 4 at its lowest price ever – Engadget

If you want the bigger Pixel 4 XL, your best bet is to go for the 128GB Just Black Model. It’s currently 25 percent off, making it $750 instead of $999. You can buy the normally less expensive 64GB model, but even with 10 and 11 percent discounts, both the Just Black and Clearly White variants are currently more costly than their 128GB sibling.

The Pixel 4 is a flawed but mostly compelling device. Engadget reviews editor Chris Velazco gave the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL scores of 85 and 83. As with Google’s past devices, the two phones offer a great camera experience. However, he found battery life — especially on the smaller Pixel 4 — left something to be desired. The phone’s Motion Sense gesture feature was also hit and miss. At times, it can feel like the future, but only when the Soli sensor it depends on is actually able to recognize your hand waving.