Americans Are Over Social Distancing

Date: 2020-05-14 23:39:38


Although most Americans are in favor of maintaining lockdowns, their commitment to social distancing seems to be waning—even as top doctors warn of uncontrollable outbreaks in areas that reopen too soon. 

In April, people in the U.S. moved around 41% less than normal. Now, distancing in nearly every state is on the decline, especially on the weekends. Since the pandemic began and forced Americans indoors, states that recorded a drop in average distance traveled, like in New York, saw coronavirus cases stabilize or decline. On the other hand, states with lower rates of distancing have recently seen cases spike.

As the U.S. passed 85,800 Covid-19 deaths and more than 1.4 million cases on Thursday, the CDC released new guidance advising states on how to safely businesses and workplaces. 

Bars and restaurants should add space between tables and stools and limit occupancy to accommodate social distancing and encourage drive-through, delivery and curb-side pick up.

Mass-transit routes to and from high-transmission areas should be limited, and passengers should be given ample space by closing every other row of seats, according to the guidelines. 

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