At Least 13 Dead, 15 Missing After Typhoon Vamco Pummels the Philippines

Date: 2020-11-12 22:06:14


A typhoon swelled rivers and flooded low-lying areas as it passed over the storm-battered northeast Philippines, where rescuers were deployed early Thursday to help people flee the rising waters.

The typhoon passed north of Manila between Bulacan and Pampanga provinces, toppling trees and knocking out power.

Officials had said previously that nearly 200,000 people had been evacuated, some of them forcibly, from vulnerable coastal and low-lying areas.

Rescue teams were deployed to flooded areas in Rizal province near the capital, Adm. George Ursabia, the coast guard chief, told DZBB radio.

Marikina city Mayor Marcie Teodoro said the fierce winds knocked down power lines overnight, leaving many areas without power and internet connection. Heavy rains also flooded many areas and the Marikina River was swollen.

Typhoon Vamco had maximum winds of 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph) with stronger gusts Thursday morning. It was moving west-northwest at 30 kph (19 mph) and would soon leave the main Luzon Island for the South China Sea.

Flooding in 32 villages and a few landslides were already reported Wednesday from the typhoon, and disaster officials said a man died and three other people were missing, without immediately providing details.

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