Biden Harris Team Pushing for Access to Intelligence Briefings, Covid Data

Date: 2020-11-13 20:35:24


The transition team of President-elect Joe Biden is pushing for access to national security briefings as well as updated information on the coronavirus pandemic.

In a virtual briefing, Jen Psaki, an advisor to the Biden Harris Transition, told reporters Friday that “you need real time information to deal with crises of the moment.”

“Obviously at this pivotal time when, as we’ve seen this week, thousands of Americans have lost their lives to COVID, the current president is absent from that conversation and it’s imperative that our team and our experts have that access,” she said.

On Thursday Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma said it was time for President-elect Biden to get the intelligence briefings traditionally provided during a presidential transition. And Lankford said he would step in if that process doesn’t begin by Friday.

Psaki did not confirm whether the intelligence briefings had taken place, but did say Lankford was not the only Republican had raised concerns about the issue.

Lankford said both President Donald Trump and Biden were receiving intelligence reports throughout the campaign. But he said Biden’s briefings have “stopped” since the election.

“We’re not interested in having a food fight with the GSA administrator or anyone, really,” Psaki said. “We just want to get access to intelligence information, to threat assessments, to the ongoing work on COVID so that we can prepare to govern, bring the American people together and get the pandemic under control.”

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