Biden Thanks Voters in His Hometown of Scranton, Philadelphia on Election Day

Date: 2020-11-03 17:52:44


For Joe Biden, it all comes down to Pennsylvania.

Early Tuesday, the democratic nominee stopped by his hometown of Scranton where he thanked voters before moving on to Philadelphia later in the day.

The cities Biden is visiting Tuesday hold both strategic and symbolic significance: Biden has made his working-class upbringing in Scranton a centerpiece of his campaign, framing his economic pitch from the perspective of Scranton versus Wall Street, as he seeks to win back the blue-collar voters who helped deliver Donald Trump a win in 2016. Philadelphia has been the backdrop for some of Biden’s most significant speeches, and he’ll need strong turnout in the heavily democratic area, particularly among Black voters.

While in Scranton, he reminded supporters of the importance of restoring “the backbone of this country.”

“You all know it. You know, the middle class built this country. Wall Street didn’t build it, the middle class built it. And unions built the middle class,” he said, amid cheers.

Pennsylvania is key to Biden’s White House hopes.

While his aides say he has multiple paths to nab 270 Electoral College votes, his easiest is by winning Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Biden has campaigned in the Keystone State more than any other.

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