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Brexit leaves young ‘fearful for future’

Image copyright dusanpetkovic Image caption Many of those investigated experienced unprepared for modern living and wield

More than two-thirds of young person in the UK has only one “international outlook” and many fear for their prospects formerly the UK leaves the EU, says a report.

Ipsos Mori cross-examine a representative group of almost 2,000 18 to 30 -year-olds for a study by cross-party think tank Demos, for the British Council.

Overall, young person said they appear “overburdened” by responsibility and “multiple barriers”, says the report.

Ministers said academies worked hard to prepare pupils for life in a modern UK.

The report is part of the British Council’s Next Generation succession of studies of young person in countries fronting vital change – others include provides information on Bangladesh, Ukraine, Colombia, Turkey and South Africa.