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A Day in the Life of a Pup

This pup lived his life to the fullest. He drove his car like a boss indoors, jumped into ball pits like he was doing a cannonball in a pool of water, and played with his tablet like he was digging in the dirt.Read more:

Fluffy Corgi Plays Soccer

Maxine the fluffy corgi’s owner was carrying her around a backpack as he walked throughout New York City. As they explored the city, her friend?threw a colorful soccer ball at her and she bounced it off her smiling face back at them.Read more:

Pelican Gets Rescued from Fishing Hook

These doctors were out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico when they noticed a pelican with a hook stuck in its beak. They managed to grab the pelican and take out the hook.Read more:

Huge Wave Takes Out Surfers

As a bunch of surfers swam out in the sea with their boards, a huge wave came and wiped them all out. One of the surfers tried to surf the big wave but immediately fell off his board.Read more: