China Welcomes Tourist Back to Leshan Giant Buddha As Covid-19 Cases Fall

Date: 2020-09-11 05:58:47


A tour group consisting of 31 foreigners visited the Leshan Giant Buddha in China’s southwestern Sichuan province as the country relaxes Covid-19 measures such as face masks and gatherings.

The members of this tour group, the first large-scale international one to visit Sichuan since the resumption of inter-province tourism in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, are all foreign nationals who live and work in Beijing. It was their first time visiting the famous stone statue, which stands at a colossal 71-meters tall. It was built between 713 and 803 and depicts Maitreya.

“The Buddha is really big. I know that it has a long history. I enjoy the tour very much,” said Lena, a tour member from Mexico.

“It’s pretty cool. It’s amazing. You can go downstairs and have a full view of it,” said another tourist named Edith.

Before the trip began, each member of the tour had to be registered and receive a health code. The tour guide is responsible for ensuring that members wear face masks in enclosed public spaces.

Since the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the resumption of cross-province group tours on July 14, Sichuan has wasted little time in adopting the new regulations. The province’s travel agencies have received 12,500 cross-province tour group bookings, totaling about 284,800 people to date.

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