Coronavirus: Could Herd Immunity Help Stop COVID-19?

Date: 2020-03-19 11:39:19


University of Kent virologist Dr. Jeremy Rossman is among experts cautioning against employing a ‘herd immunity’ approach to fighting Covid-19. This in light of mixed messages from some governments, notably the United Kingdom’s, suggesting they were mulling allowing the virus to spread in hopes herd immunity would be achieved and the public health emergency ameliorated.

“Herd immunity is a relevant thing to be discussing in terms of this pandemic, but as a potential outcome, not a strategy. It’s not something you’re actively doing,” Rossman said.

Rather, the “very clear message” advocated by the World Health Organization should be heeded, he said. “This is to prepared and inform, to detect and isolate and to reduce the transmission. Some countries have been doing this extremely well and I think South Korea is a good example… They’re testing almost everybody that they can. Everybody that might be sick. They’re tracing who they’ve come in contact with. They’re insuring isolation. They’re preparing the population and increasing their hospital capacity. They’re doing an extremely good job with all the pillars of the W.H.O response.”

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