Coronavirus: India’s Once Lavish Weddings Are Now Taking Place on Zoom

Date: 2020-04-24 06:15:24


“Not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine our wedding would turn out this unique,” said Dang, a competitive intelligence analyst based in Toronto. Sushen Dang and his fiancee, Keerti Narang, got married over Zoom.

As the coronavirus pandemic upends industries around the world, India’s $70-billion wedding industry has skidded to a stop in the midst of peak marriage season.

Nuptials fixed months before on dates dictated by astrological charts have been hurriedly transformed into digital ceremonies over Zoom, YouTube and Google Hangouts.

Gone are expensive hotel bookings and caterers, along with related industries such as home buying. The virus has helped achieve what the government has been trying to do for years: limit unbridled wedding-time extravagance.

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