Coronavirus: Is Life Returning to Normal in South Korea?

Date: 2020-04-20 07:29:40


Cafes bustled with customers and parks teemed with sunbathers as many South Koreans — almost all wearing masks — emerged from months of self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The scene in Seoul on a picture-perfect Saturday contrasted sharply with other nations where major cities look like ghost towns as governments lock down huge swaths of the population or impose strict restrictions on social gatherings.

Initially one of the hardest-hit with the second-highest number of cases globally, South Korea has managed to curb the spread without taking measures that were too severe. It didn’t require businesses to close or restrict travel.

Despite government pleas to remain indoors with a warning of a flare-up, many Koreans ventured out Saturday, saying they believe the worst of the pandemic is over.

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