Coronavirus: Italy Is Falling into China’s Home Quarantine Trap, Experts Say

Date: 2020-03-31 18:22:28


Italy must forcibly mass quarantine coronavirus patients instead of letting them self-isolate, according to Chinese experts who said Wuhan doctors made the same mistake early on in the outbreak. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #China #Italy

Then, only seriously ill patients were admitted to hospitals. Now, researchers know even those with mild symptoms were just as contagious, and once those patients in Wuhan were quarantined starting in February, cases dramatically slowed.

But in Italy, the country with the most deaths, officials risk losing their grip on containment measures, especially in the underdeveloped South. Police were deployed on the streets of Palermo, Sicily, amid fears the shuttered economy would cause riots, looting—and even the mafia to step in.

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