Coronavirus Lockdown Could Further Damage Notre Dame

Date: 2020-04-14 09:52:19


The coronavirus is affecting repair work of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, one year after it was ravaged by a fire.

The cathedral could be further damaged by 40,000 bars of scaffolding, which was initially erected for a renovation project.

Plans to remove the bars in a precision operation were thwarted by spread of the coronavirus in France, and confinement measures that began March 17 to contain the infection.

“As long as we have this scaffolding around, there’s still sort of a 50% chance that more damage can be brought to the cathedral,” said Notre Dame chaplain Brice de Malherbe, who was evacuated by police from his home next to the cathedral as flames engulfed its roof on April 15, 2019.

Once the scaffolding is down, stones must be analyzed to see which need replaced, logs and debris cleared from the vaults then an umbrella structure mounted to protect the site, according to Malherbe.

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