Coronavirus Pandemic Strands Hundreds in Manila Stadium

Date: 2020-07-29 04:10:31


Hundreds of workers from around the Philippines are stranded at a baseball stadium in the capital Manila, awaiting government help to get them home. Most are people who lost their jobs in Manila due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 1,200 people who sought the government’s transport assistance registered to get free rides to their provinces on Tuesday.

“What I really want is for us to be able to go home,” said 30-year-old former kitchen staff Ricky Yakit who lost his job when a Chinese restaurant closed down.

“It’s really hard here, we are exposed to many people and there is a tendency that we can get sick if we stay longer here,” Yakit added.

Virginia Ocier, a former high school teacher said she will have to wait ten days to travel.

Government officials said over 4,000 stranded individuals from the stadium have already been ferried to their home provinces since last week.

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