Coronavirus Weekly: U.S. Death Toll Tops 50,000; Trump Makes Disinfectant Comments; Georgia Reopens

Date: 2020-04-24 16:00:10


Today’s top news:

– Trump’s alarming disinfectant comments:
– Georgia reopens some businesses:

– U.S. death toll tops 50,000:

On this week’s #Covid19 wrap (April 24):
• This pizza shop is making face shields for health care workers:
• Meet the couple behind one of the biggest coronavirus testing experiments:
• Experience what it’s like to live in the largest refugee camp in Greece:
• How the virus is hurting black Americans more in almost every way:
• Here’s what it actually means for oil prices to go negative:
• Meet the award-winning chef serving free meals to unemployed restaurant workers:

Use the time codes below to skip ahead, submit your questions, send us your photos and vote in our polls.

0:32 – This pizza shop is firing up its pizza ovens to make face shields for health care professionals in Chicago

3:08 – Tell us about a small business in your town that is giving back to the community

3:24 – Here’s what the world looks like in isolation

3:58 – Here’s what it’s like to live in the largest refugee camp in Greece

6:45 – LOOK: The number of flights has plummeted due to Covid-19

7:00 – Covid-19 is exposing racial inequalities that have been in place in the U.S. for centuries. Here’s the impact the virus is having on the black community

10:35 – POLL: What’s your payment method of choice during the pandemic?

10:51 – Meet the award-winning chef who is now serving free meals to unemployed restaurant workers

13:37 – Here’s what it looked like when WIT futures turned negative

13:50 – Here’s what it means for oil prices to go negative

17:04 – SURVEY: Here’s how American adults are dealing with the economic conditions caused by Covid-19

17:29 – This one small county in Colorado is trying to test every single person. Meet the husband and wife team behind the experiment

21:32 – POLL: How optimistic are you that we will have a vaccine by 2021?

22:00 – TELL US: What topics do you want us to cover in the show next week?

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