Covid-19 Hospitalizations Surge; Black Lives Matter Protests in Germany; How Aerosols Carry Virus

Date: 2020-07-24 18:00:57


For the latest on coronavirus cases and hospitalizations around the world, click here:

Here’s what else is happening in your world this week:
– This amusement park banned screaming on rides to prevent the spread of Covid-19
– Meet the students bringing the Black Lives Matter movement to this small town in Germany
– How the $2 trillion rescue plan may have locked out Cleveland’s Black communities
– This is how the virus can be transmitted through aerosols

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00:00 – This Week’s Top Stories
00:25 – No Screaming Roller Coaster
02:06 – Florida Vacation Home Parties
03:08 – Covid-19’s Aerosol Transmission Risks
05:46 – U.S. Virus Hospitalizations Spike
06:16 – BLM Movement in Germany

11:12 – Cleveland Locked Out of Rescue Plan
14:33 – Remembering Rep. John Lewis

15:28 – NASCAR Driver’s State Flag Journey

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