Dr. David Reagan, Nathan E. Jones and Terry James Discuss The LAWLESS Nature Of Unfolding Prophecy

Date: 2020-12-18 19:53:34


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Today, chaos and turmoil inflame daily life within the fever of uncertainty. Geopolitical and cultural/societal upheaval tear at the heart of America and the world.

Much of humanity is in a state of growing rage, while an infinitesimally small enemy—visible only under powerful microscopes—holds populations in its fear-paralyzing, pandemic grip.

LAWLESS: End Times War Against the Spirit of Antichrist is an intensely focused volume that answers questions about what’s really going on in these volatile, inexplicably strange times.

What does it all mean? Why such a divide? Why such anger and hatred? People want to know answers, and the answer is spiritual. It’s all there in Bible prophecy. The tumult altogether constitutes a major indicator of how near we are to the end of this age—the Age of Grace.

Deniers of man-made climate change that is purported to be destroying planet earth are accused of blaspheming the religion of Mother Earth worship. Such denial prevents the globalists-elite from bringing their long-prophesied changed world order to fruition.

But it is the deniers of the God of Heaven within that globalist cabal who in actuality foment the chaos and lawlessness exploding across this troubled sphere.

Seventeen writers, each steeped in spiritually attuned insights gleaned from God’s prophetic Word, expertly probe the issues and events of today—issues and events that almost certainly point to the imminence of Christ’s return.