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And it’s been a long day thanks for praying with me last night and we had about oh maybe a hundred thousand people thanks to you guys sharing the prayer but you know last night was just so I was feeling the burden of what this pile on is with you know they want it the way the prosecution Mueller is working to break the president is they’ve given up on Russia now they’re just doing what we call grenade fishing they drop the grenade overboard and I just watching the fishes float up they know that if they can get a hold of Trump’s twelve year ago relationship with but this this woman is being treated like she’s some kind of a you know Henry Kissinger the porn girl stormy so they gone back over a decade to see what they can dredge out on Trump therefore they got ahold of his attorneys files they want to leak out something any business dealings he’s ever had that you know they they can cause questions literally their goal is to cause pressure to come on someone like Flynn for instance they bankrupted him they threatened him with it bringing his son in and the moment they threatened getting to his family he just he said what do want me to say all right III I’m guilty not guilty of anything regarding Russian collusion guilty of not giving a consistent testimony to the FBI which is the same thing that Comey is guilty of for not giving a consistent testimony to Congress and this whole thing is about to turn around but we prayed last night and when we prayed I really felt there was something beginning to break through and you can’t get you know sometimes you can’t get your emotions tied and you have to care enough to have a burden but you can’t let your emotions overrule the spirit because we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and those powers want to destroy this president so we covered this president of the United States with the blood of Jesus and we cover Michael Cohen with the blood of Jesus I told you last night Michael Cohen is a Jewish attorney it was fascinated with Christians and how Christian communities work he went to a Mike Murdock a partner meeting the day that I met him because he was hanging out with some some black you know evangelical Pentecostals actually and they were part of the Trump meeting and he just wanted to see what kind of world there and they invited him and he just said it was so cool man he just leave Lee loved what Mike Murdock was teaching it’s not crazy and he was telling me about it and so these are not bad people and I raised I hate seeing Brennan and call me and clapper and in that whole sordid deep state set of people who hate this president and want to overturn the will of the American people because they think they know better than the rest of us I hate seen and play the game I hate seeing that but the squeeze on Cullen because their plan Wheeler’s plan is to get Cohen in a place where they’ve got him on something something he did with his taxi cabs something he did with taxes and then they and I said we could put you away for a long time Cohen but you got to give us something on Donald Trump that we didn’t we can hit him with and Cohen you know he might just say well I’ll give you this I’ll give you that and he’ll plea this is the most corrupt and disgusting I’m saying what this will backfire terribly on the streets of America because there’s a law-abiding whole you know the 49% that pay the taxes basically a high number of them represent the 50 million or 60 million people that voted they don’t want their will wrenched out of office because of the power of a smug mafia like insider game in Washington so we want to forestall that we want to pray for God’s intervention we want to pray for God’s grace on America and praying for the president we pray for Michael Cohen I don’t have a strategy for that but I’ll tell you what sometimes one way that the Lord deals with your enemies is he distracts with a battle because when they’re coming after you you have to basically hide yourself in the Lord and sometimes you have to turn the other cheek but as you pray for God’s intervention with the Lord does is he raises up something else that goes after them and so I think that the Lord is now going to start to move to turn the battle against his enemies or against the enemies of his purposes I want you guys to watch this this is a this segment right here with this attorney just just blessed me because I said I think he’s onto something so watch this everybody else they provided false information to a FISA Court as part of a conspiracy to frame the incoming president of the United States and there is simply no way around that any longer because what happens over because mr.

Hubert is going to have to drag a bunch of people before the grand jury and when all is said and done it will be shown that from President Obama on down there was knowledge of the unmasking of American citizens for the purpose of leaking it to the media to embarrass those people get a political advantage and to take down the incoming president of the United States there is now no doubt that Brennan and clapper and Kony and McCain McCabe and others worked to undermine the incoming president in a criminal conspiracy and mr.

Huber if he does his job will be able to prove that quite easily well your that and it’s those guys those characters the right now I think are the central actors in the deep state clapper Comey Brenner McCabe and I pray father that this president who has been a friend to your people and a friend to Israel may the favor of God compass him as a shield right now may he be kept and composed in heart and in mind I asked you Lord now to move your hand to discover all the king’s enemies expose them Lord my friends and I are praying this late hour of the night this midnight midnight midnight watch a.m.

In the morning Lord we are lifting up our voice see you that in the next daylight hours as the Sun comes up you will continue to bring to the surface the hidden things of darkness for it is written in Isaiah 45 of Cyrus that the treasures of darkness will be given to him the riches of secret places I pray Lord that you will now take that which you know and see has not been seen yet and surface the truth of the information the the content that is going to that is going to be shielding and protecting this president from the manipulation of the will of man to undo that which is the will of God Lord we thank you that they may set themselves together they may take counsel together against the Lord they may take counsel against that which you’ve anointed but he does sits in the heavens shall laugh and the Lord shall have them in derision Lord we pray some – right now over the United States that you will give us an extension of peace an extension of strength an extension of victory not because we deserve it law but we deserve judgment but because of your goodness because of your grace because because America is still too young to die and we Lord pray that you will awaken your people that you will cause these circumstances to arouse the remnant even right now that is praying with me that you will raise up a remnant that will be on fire but we will be a Lord God mobilized in a fresh visitation and a fresh move of your spirit and that between now and this coming November there will be an increasing well and chorus even leading to a crescendo of the anointing and the participation of your people that will guard the the Congress guard the Senate guard the flanks of this administration all the way through Lord God to the establishment of your plan for this nation that we can stand strong and Lord we can see the harvest of sheep nations come in we can see the harvest of other nations and the harvest Lord God of Nations coming in now in these days that Christ can be glorified we thank you Lord that you’re doing that and lord I thank you for my friends right now I pray for the peace of the Lord the Shillong of God over all of you that are praying with me these quick prayers these quick meetings they have they have great power in their affect remember when you got saved it wasn’t a long prayer it was like Concepcion Concepcion happens in a moment and sometimes a breakthrough prayer just takes a moment most of the prayers in the Bible and most of the things that Jesus said most the power manifestations or short utterances so I thank you Father in Jesus name for my friends and I pray Lord that you will continue to call us up and cause us to walk higher and have a peace encompasses our hearts and minds and Lord teach us to carry the battle carry the burden to feel the pressure of what it’s coming against others that were to stay on the gap for and learn how to present it to you and I’m thinking now you’ve got congressman you’ve got governors you’ve got people that are in many positions and I wonder how much pressure and stress they’re under that members praying for those that we know that are conspicuous but there’s so many others we pray Lord God that you will cause righteous and government to arise even now at a local level where my friends are Lord I pray that you will raise up a righteous government for it is your will Lord that there should be government sufficiently righteous that your people can have peace to do your work therefore the Apostle Paul said pray for rulers and those are in authority that we may lead a godly and peaceable life in all righteousness I thank you Father for that in Jesus name Shalom Shalom may this day be greatly blessed I’ll talk to you

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