Five in Ten 1/26/21: Criminalizing Dissent

Date: 2021-01-26 17:06:55


A bill that passed the House but failed in the Senate last year is back. It is ostensibly aimed at domestic terrorism, but the definition of “terrorist” used by people like former CIA Director John Brennan makes it appears that it’s directed at supporters of Donald Trump.

5) Democratic senators reject getting rid of legislative filibuster; 4) Proposed bills in House aims to entrench Democrats as the ruling party; 3) Biden’s pick for Health compelled nursing homes in PA to take in COVID-positive patients—after moving his mother out of long-term care facility; 2) BBC program teaches 9-year-olds that there are more than 100 genders; 1) Billionaire owner of Skinwalker Ranch offers $1 million for proof of afterlife.