French Medical Workers Protests Lack of Government Support

Date: 2020-05-29 14:28:37


(AP) Hospital workers gathered outside Robert-Debré hospital in North-East Paris Thursday to protest what they describe as the government’s lack of interest in France’s public health system.

The few dozen medical workers were joined by another two hundred protestors who applauded them as they walked out the hospital.

The protest came three days after president Macron promised a ‘massive’ investment plan for France’s public health sector.

Justine, a nurse from the Robert-Debré hospital has yet to be convinced

“We were already protesting before the COVID and is important to continue after because it exposed certain things,” she said. “We haven’t seen anything concrete yet.”

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe acknowledged there had been “a lot of criticism” over how the government had prepared French hospitals in the years leading up to the coronavirus pandemic, as he launched initial talks to prepare the new health plans on Monday.

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