GameStop Hearing: What to Expect as Reddit, Robinhood CEOs Testify Before Congress

Date: 2021-02-18 14:53:15


The GameStop rally has also attracted the attention of politicians, and Gill is scheduled to testify Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee, along with executives from Robinhood Markets, Citadel LLC, Melvin Capital Management and Reddit.

In prepared testimony for his Congressional appearance, provided in advance by his lawyer in response to questions about the lawsuit, Gill said his previous work in the financial industry never included trading securities or advising clients. He also denied trying to artificially pump up GameStop shares and said he truly believed in the company’s future potential.

“I did not solicit anyone to buy or sell the stock for my own profit,” Gill plans to testify. “I did not belong to any groups trying to create movements in the stock price. I never had a financial relationship with any hedge fund. I had no information about GameStop except what was public. I did not know any people inside the company, and I never spoke to any insider.”

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