Harris Tells Arizona Voters ‘Trump Failed the American People’

Date: 2020-10-28 23:39:55


Joe Biden’s running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, was in Arizona on Wednesday, meeting with Latina business leaders in Tucson and African American community leaders in Phoenix, as well as holding drive-in, voter mobilization rallies both places.

In order to make her point during a pandemic-friendly drive-in rally in Tucson Harris invoked the late John McCain as someone known for “a little straight talk.”

“I am a proud, patriotic American. I love my country. And our values reflect the values of America,” Harris said in response to those who have criticized her values.

She slammed President Donald Trump for not being forthright to the American people in his depiction of the COVID 19 pandemic. “Our values tell us we have witnessed the worst, the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in the history of this country.”

Harris laid out contrasting differences between Biden and Trump in handling the virus and told those at the voter mobilization event where about 100 cars had gathered that “Donald Trump failed. He failed us,”

Harris said, by Trump’s inactions to reveal the seriousness of the virus earlier this year and his administration’s efforts to abolition the Affordable Care Act. “He failed the American people.”

Harris compared Bidens health care proposals with Trump’s strategy on health care, saying that Trump would leave millions with preexisting conditions devoid of coverage.

Harris said Biden on the other hand is prepared to improve on Obamacare and provide access for low income Americans and provide coverage for preexisting conditions.

She prompted those attending to honk if they knew anyone with such a condition and laid out a list examples such as diabetes and breast cancer where the response was clearly heard from honking horns.

Harris contrasted the presidential candidates’ economic strategies, she said, “Joe Biden, who says you want to deal with the economy?” Look at the economic well-being of average Americans.

“Donald Trump, when asked about how’s the economy doing, Donald Trump asks how’s the stock market doing?”

On Friday, Harris will visit Fort Worth, Houston and the U.S.-Mexico border town of McAllen in Texas — a state that hasn’t backed a Democrat for president since 1976 or even elected one to statewide office since 1994. Harris defended the choice to spend several of the election’s closing days campaigning in traditionally Republican states.

Texas was long so reliably red that top national Democrats visited only to hold fundraisers, then spent their hauls in places thought to be more competitive.

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