Helicopter Drops Coronavirus Test Kits to Grand Princess Cruise Ship Off California Coast

Date: 2020-03-06 19:23:48


Helicopter Delivers Coronavirus Test Kits to Cruise Ship Off California Coast
The California National Guard dispatched two helicopters on March 5 to deliver coronavirus test kits to the Grand Princess cruise ship quarantined off the San Francisco coast. #Coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #Covid19 #GrandPrincess #CoronavirusCalifornia

The ship was quarantined after a Californian man who had been a passenger aboard a previous cruise died from coronavirus-related complications.

Princess Cruises said on March 5 that there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 onboard the Grand Princess. It said the Centers for Disease Control had identified “groups of guests and crew who will be tested before arrival into San Francisco.”

Cruise passenger Ashlee Brooke Burgess recorded video of two helicopters approaching the ship, and one closing in to make a drop-off.

“It is kind of a mess right now,” Burgess told Storyful. “We have no idea how long we will be stuck on here when we can go back to work, see our families. It’s unsettling. We don’t know what is going to happen to us, whether anyone has the virus or not, ” she said.

The Centers for Disease Control had recorded 99 cases of COVID-19 by March 5.

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