Johnson: ‘No Doubt’ There’ll Be a Second Wave of Covid-19 in the U.K.

Date: 2020-09-18 20:39:11


Fresh nationwide lockdown restrictions in England appear to be on the cards soon as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he has “no doubt” of a second wave of infections.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it’s “inevitable” a second coronavirus wave would reach the nation.

“As I’ve said for several weeks now, that we could expect and are now seeing a second wave coming in,” Johnson said during a visit to a vaccine manufacturing centre under construction near Oxford.

Johnson’s comments came amid mounting speculation that the government will announce fresh curbs on the hospitality sector, such as pubs and restaurants, potentially involving curfews – something already in place in areas facing extra lockdown restrictions.

He said “clearly we are going to keep everything under review”, and added, “But I don’t want go into a second national lockdown at all.”

The spike, which has been largely seen among young adults, has already led to lockdown restrictions being reimposed.

Already this week, a ban on social gatherings of more than six people, including children, has come into effect for England.

The other nations of the U.K. – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – have announced similar clampdowns on meetings.

There are also more targeted restrictions across the U.K. in areas seeing acute spikes.

A variety of restrictions were tightened further Friday for huge parts of the northwest of England, the Midlands and west Yorkshire in response to “major increases” in cases.

The new restrictions go into effect Tuesday.

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