Keeping Kids Busy During U.S. School Closures

Date: 2020-03-18 08:06:54


U.S. families are finding creative ways to entertain their children as social distancing efforts continue during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some parents have created schedules for their children that consist of times for outdoor fun and online education.

Some schools are also providing instructional materials and tools to students so they can continue their education.

Dianna Marlowe, a mother of two young students, said her Arlington County neighborhood came up with a creative way to safely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

“Last night someone just posted on our Facebook page for the neighborhood about a shamrock activity, where everyone in the neighborhood puts out a shamrock, prints it off the computer or has the kids make it,” Marlowe said. “You hang it up in your window, and then during the day we all go for a walk outside keeping our 6 feet distance and making sure we don’t hurt anyone who is immunocompromised.”

Many states have announced school closings, including Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Ohio, along with the District of Columbia.

Most public parks, playgrounds and walking paths are still open and some pedestrians say more people are using the recreation sites.

Marlowe and other parents are coming up with more safe activities for their kids as more the number of Covid-19 cases grow and other major cities like San Francisco order residents to shelter in place.

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