NYC Schools Cleared to Reopen; Beirut Protests Erupt After Blast; Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Underway

Date: 2020-08-07 16:42:06


For more updates on protests in Beirut after the explosion, click here:

For more updates on NYC reopening schools, click here:

Here’s what else is happening in your world this week:

– A new human clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine is underway
– How a cannabis farm is managing its summer harvest amid the pandemic

– This is what it’s like to have #Covid19 when you don’t have running water or electricity

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00:00 – This Week’s Top Stories
00:30 – Cannabis Farm During Pandemic
04:33 – Teachers Protest Reopening Schools
05:13 – Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Underway
08:15 – Latest Vaccine Updates
11:30 – SpaceX Celebrates Major Milestone
12:12 – America’s Health Disparities
16:27 – World’s Richest Families
17:12 – Clubbing During Covid

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