‘Perseverance:’ NASA Reveals Official Name of Mars 2020 Rover Picked from 28,000 Entries

Date: 2020-03-05 19:20:16


28,000 school students entered NASA’s competition to name the Mars 2020. #NASA #MarsRover

The results are due to be announced on March 5 at 1330 EST (1830 GMT) during a live event that will be streamed across NASA’s media channels and social media.

Late last year members of the media were given rare access to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where the Mars 2020 rover is undergoing finishing touches.

Mars 2020 team members showed off their progress on the rover ahead of its planned launch this summer.

Flight system manager Ray Baker told the Associated Press in December “From here on out, it’s test, test, test We’re testing everything we possibly can. Shaking out the bugs to make sure that we’ve got a reliable system to send to Mars.”

NASA engineers designed this rover to gather rock and soil samples with the hopes that they will someday be sent back to earth.

“I am extremely excited about seeing this rover collect its first sample that we may possibly bring back to Earth. This is an exciting time for us. I worked on Curiosity and Curiosity was looking for signs of past habitable environments. This time, we’re looking for signs of past life. And that to me is just amazing.” says Baker.

The rover is scheduled to land on Mars on February 18, 2021.

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