Philippines’ Typhoon Death Toll Rises as Rescue Continues

Date: 2020-11-14 17:24:33


The death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Vamco has increased to at least 32, according to the disaster monitoring agency, as rescue operations on the main Luzon island continue.

Dozens remain missing or injured, the agency’s spokesman Mark Timbal said. Typhoon Vamco barreled through Luzon from Wednesday, triggering some of the capital’s worst floods in years. Spilling dams have also submerged farms and towns in provinces north of the capital, where rescuers are still trying to reach stranded individuals.

The 21st storm to hit the Philippines this year is now making its way to Vietnam. It passed regions already battered about two weeks ago by Super Typhoon Goni, which killed at least 25 people.

An average of 20 typhoons pass through the Philippines each year. This year’s storms have complicated coronavirus containment efforts, as thousands of people evacuate.

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