Plane Spotting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Date: 2020-05-13 08:01:21


This is plane spotting Covid-19 style. Jerry Dyer runs an aviation YouTube channel. Jerry says, “Live streaming aviation entertainment is the best way to describe it. What is also extremely unique about it is the fact that it is live and that everybody can join in. Air travel has completely stopped. It ceased in terms of us being able to go out and film it’s impossible.”

Coronavirus has changed the business streaming and sharing video. Many content creators say their earnings have dropped by 20%. But viewer numbers are up due to virus lockdown. Reports YouTube industry website,

Jerry Dyer’s plane commentary used to sound like this. “Wow, look at this, he’s having some right problems there man. Or year baby! There she is. There she is. Yeah. Action. Action. Action”

Now Jerry is rerunning old programs on his YouTube channel. “I’ve taken off all monetization on my videos. I’ve taken off all of the super chat so nobody can donate any money to me because I want them to donate and keep their money for themselves and for charities.”

But YouTube has seen growth of up to 75% in people looking for news. “People are trying to consume as much information around this crisis. It’s top of mind for everybody,”
says Neal Mohan, YouTube, Chief Product Officer.

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