Polish Daredevil Arrested After Attempting to Scale Paris Skyscraper

Date: 2020-09-18 20:09:14


A daredevil Polish climber was arrested after scaling the outside of the Montparnasse Tower in central Paris on the evening of September 17, French media reported.

Videos taken by bystanders from the bottom of the 689-foot skyscraper show Marcin Banot, who vlogs under the moniker “BNT” or BNT fhujHD, clinging to the building’s exterior dozens of floors up.

Le Figaro reported that he had attempted the climb without any safety equipment, and said rescuers rappelled down to him when he was halfway up.

Among those filming from the ground was self-described adventurer and stuntman Nico Mathieux, who shared clips showing BNT before the climb wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt with a cartoon image of a cat on the front, as well as a round-brimmed hat and shorts. BNT had earlier shared a selfie photo on his Instagram Stories that showed him in the same attire.

A later clip shared by Mathieux, shot inside a high floor of the Montparnasse Tower, showed BNT in the same white t-shirt, waving inwards through the window as a rescuer arrived beside him.

The first image below is a screenshot of a selfie image Marcin Banot shared on his Instagram Stories several hours before the climb.

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