Riot Says League of Legends Spring Finals Are Still On Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Riot Games is moving forward with plans to hold the League of Legends Championship Series Spring Finals in Texas next month, the company said. Chris Greeley, the LCS commissioner, confirmed as much in a statement shared this week regarding the status of the North American League of Legends organization and how it’d be handling next month’s Spring Finals. Greeley said Riot is currently monitoring the Coronavirus situation and that, for now, the events will continue as planned albeit with a few changes that remove points of person-to-person contact the players and fans have become accustomed to from past events. Ticket holders who aren’t pleased with those changes are able to receive refunds for their purchases.

Greeley’s statement reassured players, fans, and others involved with the league that the health and safety of everyone is the “top priority.” The Spring Finals are scheduled to take place in Frisco, Texas, and that’s still the plan for the time being.

“For the 2020 Spring Finals this April, we’re carefully monitoring the situation in Frisco, Texas, and we’re in close contact with the venue and local governments to ensure we’re compliant with on-the-ground changes,” Greeley said.

The spread of the Coronavirus and the concerns surrounding it are well-known at this point, but for some context regarding the Spring Finals planned in Texas, the Texas Department of State and Health Services has confirmed five separate cases of the Coronavirus in the state. None of them are located in Frisco, according to the state department.

Though the games will move on as planned in April, there will be some changes made now to minimize any potential risks. Players and coaches typically shake hands during matches and high five fans in the front row of the venues after a game is concluded. There are also meet-and-greet events planned around these events, but all of those parts of pro League matches will be suspended until further notice in the LCS. For people who considered those fan-focused interactions to be a key selling point in their LCS ticket purchases, you’re able to request a refund from Riot.

“We’re working on keeping partners, teams, players, and the community updated in a timely way,” Greeley said in closing. “We appreciate your support and patience during this time as we continue to assess the situation around the Coronavirus outbreak.”

The LCS Spring Finals are scheduled to take place in Frisco on April 18th and April 19th.

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