Spain Orders Use Of Masks In Public Transport As The Country Reopens

Date: 2020-05-04 12:05:35


Europe is gingerly trying to get back to business, with restrictions loosening across the continent as the spread of the coronavirus slows.

With Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Germany all relaxing some of their restrictions on Monday, Europe is settling down to a new normal as it returns to public life. But it’s slower and less dynamic than before and some restrictions will remain in place for weeks or even months.

In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez faces a parliamentary vote this week on extending the state of emergency that began March 14. Measures to further ease Europe’s strictest lockdown start on May 4 and will proceed in stages, depending on local pandemic data. Sanchez said yesterday that the Spanish economy, which is driven by tourism, would likely contract more than 9% this year.

Four islands, three in the Canaries and one in the Balearics, will be the first areas allowed to open restaurants, bars, hotels and stores. Spain’s government has also said the use of masks will be mandatory on public transport as of Monday. This weekend, the government allowed people out of their homes to exercise and walk for the first time under the lockdown.

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