The Amazing Chart That Launched My Career – Mike Maloney

Date: 2019-12-02 23:30:11

Ever been curious about how Mike Maloney got his start in the gold industry? As Mike says at the very beginning of his new video with Ronnie Stoeferle of Incrementum, “This is the chart that started my career in precious metals.”
Listen to Mike tell the story of a chart he gave to Robert Kiyosaki at a conference, which Robert shared with his audience that day. It ultimately led to Mike writing a book on precious metals, starting a gold bullion dealership, and becoming the industry leader he is.
It all began with an understanding of gold’s relationship to fiat currencies.
As Ronnie says, “Fiat money always reverts to its intrinsic value—zero.”
Gold, on the other hand, has preserved value better than any government-created paper currency.
It’s a core concept: gold is true money, and can’t be debased, destroyed or devalued by governments. It’s a true financial asset that won’t lose value like our local currency does.
Mike points out that no less than four German currencies have gone bust in the last 100 years, a process that began with the hyperinflation Germany experienced.
But as Ronnie says, “it is no coincidence that Germans and Austrians today are the largest buyers of physical gold.”
Remember, as bad as things could get, crisis always creates opportunity, just as the hyperinflation back then created a new class of millionaires.
The chaos ahead can do for the same for us: provide an opportunity for not just protection but profit as well.
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