The Elderly in Australia Have a Special Hour to Do Their Shopping to Avoid Coronavirus Panic

Date: 2020-03-17 12:46:49


Australia has introduced senior citizen’s only shopping hour

Maureen Fuller, 86, told Quicktake: “Even though it was just for 1 hour. It just gave us a chance to slowly do our shop. Not that we could get what we wanted.So many tin foods are not there. And I’m finding it hard to stock up in case we can’t get out.

Fuller has seen shortages before.“We had coupons when the war was on… World War 2, because it stopped people rushing. No one could rush into the shops because it was fair. From 7am to 8am senior citizens get the shops to themselves. Outside there were a few young ones that were not allowed in because they never had the senior card,” she said.

Covid-19 has hit the elderly hard. “We can’t go where there are many people because we have the fear of catching the virus. And If I get the virus there is not much hope for me,” she added.

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