This Charity Wants Us To Rethink Food During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Date: 2020-04-22 13:27:32


The Hive is a U.K. based charity that turns discarded industrial farmed food into nutrient-packed meals to feed the hungry in Cornwall, where 30,000 children are left food insecure. The number of people who needs support is exacerbated by the U.K. coronavirus lockdown.

The Hive makes “boil in the bag” meals for those who need it most and distributes it in frozen packaging. They take their tactics from war time rationing and they think there’s a lot we can learn from the way they look at food waste, and re-think our approach to famine around the world.

Brian Honey-Morgan of the Hive says there is enough food to feed 10 billion people on the planet, yet there are only 8 billion. The key to doing so might be in the production cycle and changing our wasteful habits.

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