‘Those Are Bodies Right There:’ Passing by an Outdoor Morgue at a Brooklyn Hospital

Date: 2020-04-07 18:45:04


A large fence has been erected outside a hospital in Downtown Brooklyn where bodies of coronavirus victims are transferred into two mobile morgues parked on the street. Video shot from outside and posted on April 6 shows the scene. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #CoronavirusNewYork #CoronavirusNYC #CoronavirusBrooklyn

This footage, filmed outside The Brooklyn Hospital Center, is described as showing bodies on a stretcher surrounded by staff in protective clothing. Two refrigerated trailers partially covered with white tents – reportedly being used to store the bodies of COVID-19 victims – are also seen in the footage.

The source, who has posted a series of videos from outside New York hospitals in recent weeks, said workers were loading bodies into the outdoor morgue on Monday afternoon.

Video confirmed by Storyful shows a forklift loading what is believed to be a body into one of the trailers outside the hospital on March 29. Local media reported at the time that the hospital was transporting bodies from the hospital’s loading dock into a refrigerated trailer parked along Ashland Place, where this video is also filmed.

The New York Times reported on April 4 that the hospital had “accepted two refrigerated trailers from the city’s medical examine” as funeral homes struggled to keep up with the number of dead. The report said the death doll from the virus at the Brooklyn center more than quintupled from the previous week.

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