Trump: Mail-In Ballots Bigger Threat Than Foreign Interference in November

Date: 2020-09-17 00:03:21


President Donald Trump on Wednesday raised questions about the integrity of mail-in voting, while also downplaying the threat of foreign interference to the November election.

“Our biggest threat to this election is governors from opposing parties controlling ballots, millions of ballots. To me, that’s a much bigger threat than foreign countries because much of the stuff coming out about foreign countries turned out to be untrue,” Trump said.

Trump also addressed the sale of TikTok. the company recently selected Oracle as its corporate savior to avoid a U.S. ban ordered by Trump. The U.S. government will review the prospective deal.

“It has to be 100% as far as national security is concerned,” Trump said, when asked if the terms of deal meet his requirements.

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