Trump Says COVID-19 Cases Have Declined in 23 States

Date: 2020-04-24 01:07:57


U.S. cases rose 2.5% from the day before to 856,209, the lowest daily increase this month, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News. That was lower than Wednesday’s rate of 3.1% and below the average daily increase of 4.1% over the past week.

-New York’s cases rose 2.5% to 269,756, according to the Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg News data. Deaths rose 1.7% to 19,551.

-New Jersey expects to exceed 100,000 cases coronavirus on Friday, Governor Phil Murphy said. The state reported 4,247 new positive results, for a total of 99,989.

-Texas reported its third-straight increase in the number of daily cases, with an additional 875 sickened residents, bringing the total to 21,944, according to the state’s health services department. Another 18 people died, bringing total fatalities to 561.

-Florida reported 28,832 cases, up 1.8% from Wednesday. Deaths among reached 960, an increase of 7.5%, according to Governor Ron DeSantis.

-Illinois reported 1,826 new cases, a drop from 2,049 on Wednesday, bringing the total to 36,934, according to the state’s health department. The state registered 123 deaths, the most since April 18, pushing the total to 1,688.

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