Trump Says He Understands What’s Going on With Kim Jong Un

Date: 2020-05-01 10:36:31


Trump says that despite knowing “what’s going on” he doesn’t want to talk about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as speculation about his health continues to build.

Kim, 36, has been the subject of global speculation since reports emerged April 20 that he had undergone a cardiovascular procedure the previous week. Kim hasn’t appeared in North Korean state media since April 12, failing for the first time as leader to attend celebrations marking the birthday of his grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung.

A train resembling the one used by Kim Jong Un was spotted again near a coastal leadership compound, according to satellite imagery analyzed by 38 North, as the North Korean leader’s unusual absence from public continued.

Additional satellite imagery reviewed by the website NK Pro showed boats similar to those associated with the North Korean leader active in the waters near Wonsan throughout this month. The craft made unusual movements on April 14, when North Korea fired off a flurry of short range missiles.

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