Trump Says He’ll ‘See What Happens’ on Easter Timeline, Floats NY and NJ Quarantine

Date: 2020-03-28 17:08:49


President Donald Trump said he’s considering an enforced quarantine for parts of New York and New Jersey to curb the U.S. coronavirus outbreak.

Trump told reporters he had spoken with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Florida Governor Ron Desantis Saturday morning before departing the White House to send off a Navy hospital ship bound for New York City from Norfolk, Virginia.

The president said he’d rather not impose a quarantine on the region, but that the country may need it.

The quarantine would be for “two weeks on New York, probably New Jersey, certain parts of Connecticut,” he said. It would “restrict travel, because they’re having problems down in Florida, a lot of New Yorkers going down, we don’t want that.”

Asked about his ambition to urge many Americans to return to work by the U.S. Easter Sunday holiday on April 12, Trump said “we’ll see what happens.”

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