Trump Should ‘Put On His Big Boy Pants’ and Accept That He Lost: Philadelphia Mayor

Date: 2020-11-06 19:23:33


Philadelphia has an estimated 40,000 more ballots to be counted before it can certify the vote, officials said on Friday.

Lisa Deeley, the Chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, said it may take “several days” to complete the reporting.

The update on the count also noted that 690,360 ballots have been counted so far, with 337,609 cast by mail.

The Trump campaign has tried to stop the count in Philadelphia itself — alleging city officials were depriving their observers of meaningful access — but a federal judge refused to go along, instead urging the sides to forge an agreement.

Speaking from the White House on Thursday night, Trump made unsupported allegations that Democrats in Pennsylvania and elsewhere were trying to steal the election.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said Friday that it was time for Trump to “put on his big big boy pants on and acknowledge the fact that he lost.”

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