Trump Supporters Await Philadelphia Vote Count

Date: 2020-11-06 20:30:38


Philadelphia voters voiced contrasting opinions on Friday as Democrat Joe Biden opened up a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in the critical battleground of Pennsylvania.

A Trump supporter told British broadcaster Sky news that he was convinced there was “corruption going on” at the polling stations, while a Biden supporter said she was not surprised by Biden’s lead as according to her, most Democrats have voted by mail.

The Trump campaign won an appellate ruling to get party and campaign observers closer to election workers who are processing mail-in ballots in Philadelphia.

But the order did not affect the counting of ballots that is proceeding in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, as elections officials are dealing with an avalanche of mail-in ballots driven by fears of voting in person during a pandemic.

Trump campaign officials joined the president in accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election, despite no evidence anything of the sort was taking place.

Philadelphia has an estimated 40,000 more ballots to be counted before it can certify the vote, officials said on Friday.

Lisa Deeley, the Chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, said it may take “several days” to complete the reporting.

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