Trump Unveils Pitch for Make America Great 2.0

Date: 2020-05-05 20:15:51


It’s “Make America Great Again.” Again.

President Donald Trump is rebooting his 2016 slogan, Mario Parker reports, in an attempt to refocus attention on what his campaign predicts will be a rosy post-coronavirus world.

It won’t be easy. Less than six months from the election, polls show Americans broadly souring on Trump and his performance in managing the outbreak, which has crippled the economy and left his central argument for a second term in tatters.

Hence the Trump team’s efforts at a reframe. He started the week with a virtual town hall at the Lincoln Memorial and the release of an ad featuring images of health-care workers cheering and Democratic governors praising steps he’s taken. “We built the greatest economy the world has ever seen and we’re going to do it again,” Trump pledges.

Look for a similar message today when the president visits a medical-supply plant in Arizona. It’s his first major trip in weeks, with the state expected to be a key battleground.

In political terms, Nov. 3 is still a long way away. But with a U.S. death toll of 67,000 so far and skyrocketing job losses, the election will almost certainly hinge on voters’ confidence in Trump’s ability to manage a public health crisis and lead an economic recovery.

And the slogan that worked four years ago will inevitably be a harder sell from inside the White House.

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