Trump’s Defense Attorney: ‘Do Not Handcuff Me By Limiting the Number of Witnesses That I Can Have’

Date: 2021-02-13 15:52:14


For what’s expected to be the final day of proceedings on Saturday, the Senate will convene at 10 a.m. Members will first consider and vote on any motions to subpoena witnesses or documents. Trump lawyer Bruce Castor said his side doesn’t intend to call any witnesses unless the House impeachment managers do so, and they haven’t signaled that are likely to.

After that, the Senate will consider a motion to admit the House’s evidence in the case into the public record and vote on that. And then each side will get up to two hours to make closing arguments.

The Senate could deliberate behind closed doors after that. Then comes the final step, a public vote on the single article of impeachment that is widely expected to end in Trump’s acquittal. If the former president were to be convicted, there would be a second vote on whether to bar him from ever holding office. — Laura Litvan, Steven Dennis and Billy House.