Wild Coyotes Roam Free in San Francisco During City’s Lockdown

Date: 2020-04-17 19:12:32


Wild coyotes are taking advantage of coronavirus restrictions in San Francisco by roaming freely while the city’s population remains mostly indoors.

The San Francisco Gate reported that city residents have document coyote sightings on social media.

Known as the North American Song Dog, coyotes historically lived in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, until the mid-1900s, according to the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

The animals almost completely disappeared when an influx of poison bait was used to keep wildlife out of Bay Area farms, the department said. The introduction of stricter regulations on using poison bait for wildlife has led to an increase in coyotes in the area.

Authorities advise people not to feed or approach the coyotes, especially during the spring season when they may have pups in tow or nearby.
In this footage, taken by San Francisco photographer Scott Oller, a coyote can be seen exploring Kirby Cove, a beach area with views of the Golden Gate bridge. Oller said the shelter-in-place order has brought out wildlife in the bay area.

“This coyote noticed some whale bones on the beach at Kirby Cove and trotted down to investigate,” he said.

“She didn’t seem to mind me hanging out just 30 feet away. I’m glad I live within biking distance of the golden gate bridge during this lockdown,” he added.

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