Wisconsin Primary: Milwaukee Voters Defy Stay-At-Home Orders With Polls Open

Date: 2020-04-07 19:42:30


Polls are open across Wisconsin on a most unusual election day. Polls will remain open on Tuesday until 8 p.m., but voters are urged to be patient and take safety precautions. Some voters were waiting more than two hours in lines at one of Milwaukee’s five polling places that are open for the state’s presidential primary and spring general election. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #WisconsinPrimary

Gov. Tony Evers tried to stop in-person voting with an order Monday, but the state Supreme Court ruled it must go on. Cities have consolidated the number of polling sites due to a shortage of workers willing to interact with the public due to the coronavirus.

Thousands of poll workers said they would not work, resulting in National Guard troops being called on to fill in the gaps.

Milwaukee voter Megan Nakkula says she voted for Bernie Sanders. “Bernie’s stance on healthcare for all and Medicare for all is what really pushed me his way,” said Nakkula.

Germantown voter Vikram Naik went for Joe Biden, saying he’s “more of a matchup with Trump” and that he can “take whatever Trump brings in.”

In addition to the presidential primary, thousands of local officials are on the ballot. There is also a state Supreme Court race. Results aren’t planned to be released until Monday because absentee ballots postmarked by Tuesday can still be received by then.

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